Code of Conduct | Coaches

Lurgan Rugby Football & Cricket Club

Code of Conduct for Coaches

  • Remember that as a coach of an ‘age-grade team’ you are acting ‘in loco parentis’ and that you have a duty of care to all your players.
  • Lead by example – young people need a coach they can respect as a Role Model.
  • Be generous with your praise and never ridicule, shout at players for making mistakes or losing a match.
  • Teach your players that the Laws of the Game are mutual agreements which no one should evade or break.
  • Ensure that you are appropriately qualified by gaining the relevant coaching accreditation for your particular level.
  • Be reasonable in your demands on the players’ time, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Encourage respect for all participants – team mates and opponents, as well as match officials.
  • Create a safe and enjoyable environment in which to train and play.
  • Always follow professional medical advice in determining when an injured player is ready to play again.
  • Develop policies for your club / team to agree procedures regarding discipline, injury prevention & treatment, team selection etc.
  • Be responsible and ensure you uphold the ethos of the game and the IRFU.
  • Support the IRFU Child Welfare Policy and all policies regarding Children in Sport.